‘If you want to know what the Wad is good for, go to ‘t Wad!

Surprising fish restaurant

Where the best quality fish is served, there should also be a restaurant that radiates the same quality. ‘t Wad can therefore easily be called a surprising fish restaurant. Open, robust and sturdy, it fits in with the environment of fishermen and the ports and does justice to the fresh fish and delicious fish dishes served here.

Fresh fish, also to take away

With former fishermen at the helm of this fish restaurant, quality is guaranteed every day. Every day the fish is purchased at the fish auction and processed into honest fresh fish dishes to eat at ‘t Wad or to take home.

Viscentre ‘t Wad, open daily

Viscentre ‘t Wad is open daily to everyone. From the fishermen from the harbor in work clothes to representatives in smart suits, everyone is welcome here and everyone comes back again and again. Not only from Den Oever and the Wieringermeer, but from all over the country, guests come to ‘t Wad to eat fish. After all, quality is for everyone, and our fish meets that standard every time.


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